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LOOK: Photographer Repaints Manila In A More Pleasing Light

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Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Aug 02, 2017

With all the negativity plaguing the social media space, it’s easy to become cynical towards the plight of the Philippines; when all you see is the ugly side of things, you quickly lose sight of the things that are truly important. 

Tomas Morato never looked this pretty.

But for a lot of people, it’s easier to look at the ugly side rather than strive to glance upon the pleasant side, especially in the city.

However, artists of all genres are always striving to make you see and realize that the city, in all its grime, isn’t as unpleasant as you think. One example of this is David Tamayo, a photographer based in Manila doing his best to repaint Metro Manila in a more pleasing light.

David's humor easily shows in his photos.

There’s a certain hint of humorous hopefulness in David's photos— a playful reimagining of the city, and though he makes no attempt of hiding the messy wires, traffic, and trash, he wants to point out that these everyday scenes can be beautiful if you look at them a certain way.

David Tamayo is an aspiring street photographer, support him by sharing his official entry on Facebook:

David Tamayo's official entry to

Check out some of David's work in the gallery above. Learn more about his photography by visiting his Instagram page below:

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