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Be Hypnotized: 7-Year-Old Local Surfer Rides Siargao's Towering Waves


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Choose Philippines | Sep 21, 2017
Be Hypnotized: 7-Year-Old Local Surfer Rides Siargao's Towering Waves

Little Big Shots has been featuring some of the most awe-inspiring talents from young Filipinos for quite some time now. Adapted from the hit US TV show, Little Big Shots strives to showcase cute and talented kids from all over the Philippines. However, one kid in particular truly caught our attention: Kai-Kai, a a seven-year old from Siargao and perhaps born of the water, was recently featured on a segment of Little Big Shots, showcasing his amazing talent for riding and cruising on the waves.

Endless sea

However, it isn’t surprising to see a child of this caliber, especially since Siargao and many of its natives are avid surfers. This is partly due to the fact that, because of the awesome waves that can be caught in Siargao, the surfing community is very strong and all-inclusive. Even the non-surfers are able to catch a wave or two, given the opportunity.

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So many people—both from the Philippines and from outside of it—have since moved their lives to Siargao, with the hopes of becoming closer to the waves in the process.

Watch the full video showcase of Kai-Kai’s surfing skills here:

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