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Bonfire Diving: Photographers Vibrantly Captured Anilao's Underwater Haven


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Choose Philippines | Jan 03, 2018

Have you ever tried scuba or free diving? If you haven’t, you’re sorely missing out, since the Philippines is home to some of the best dive spots in the whole world, and sees hundreds of visitors every year.

Principal among these dive sites remains to be Anilao, Batangas, and is considered legendary by both casual and professional divers. Among the coral reefs and swarms of beautiful, colorful fish, Anilao serves as a haven for both aquatic life and macro photographers who are eager to capture the  its beauty underwater. 

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Ram Yoro, a professional diver and dive instructor, is one of those photographers who have spent several years capturing and documenting the strange and fantastic creatures of the deep. He photographed sea creatures at night, a process he called "bonfire diving," to show their raw beauty. 

See some of Ram Yoro’s stunning photographs underwater in his Instagram account below:


phronima with babies

A post shared by Ram Yoro (@ramyoro) on



larval fish with parasite

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Larval barred soapfish with parasite

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Cabbage coral garden in Anilao, Philippines

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Ram Yoro and his co-writer Andrew Marriott will also be featured in an upcoming book, Guide To Anilao, made in association with Mabini Department of Tourism and the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving. It’s still in the works, but will be released for avid dive enthusiasts very soon!

Doesn’t all of this just make you want to get up and swim to the nearest dive spot? Write about your experience on and use #ChoosePhilippines on all your social media posts. 

All photos courtesy of Ram Yoro, from his Instagram account

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