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LOOK: The Artist Behind The Artwork Of The Lovers Of Mayon


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Choose Philippines | Jan 18, 2018

Recently, an artwork depicting Mayon had gone viral. However, it isn’t any typical artwork showcasing the perfect conical shape of the volcano. Just the opposite, the artwork depicted the legend behind the world-famous volcano, showing it as two lovers—Pangoronon and Magayon—embracing one another. The posting of the artwork coincided with another photo—showing Mayon spewing out ash—and it wasn’t long before someone creative saw the similarities and posted about it.

Kerby Rosanes, a full-time illustrator and self-confessed part-time traveler, as well being the principal illustrator at Sketchy Stories, had posted his artwork of the legendary lovers, and was quickly picked up. His original artwork depicted the two lovers in a fiery embrace, and his post had urged the two to remain calm once again.

According to the legend, on the site where the beautiful maiden Daragang Magayon was buried, a mountain mysteriously appeared. Her lover Panganoron, devastated at having lost her, would come to visit, and legend says that during his visits, Mayon would be calm. However, it is also said that whenever Panganoron’s rival Patuga would challenge Panganoron at Magayon’s place of rest, Mayon would erupt. The tears of Panganoron are shed as rain at times in his grief.

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Even now, many are still enamored by the legend of the tragic lovers, and often urge Panganoron to hold Magayon in his embrace, as to not devastate Albay once more.

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