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From Soul-Searching To Finding Your Soulmate: Traveler Finds Love In La Union

La Union

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Choose Philippines | Mar 20, 2018

When Mikee Ramos came to La Union, she wasn’t expecting anything. On the contrary, she was trying to run away from her previous life in Manila: she was tired of being told what to do constantly, she was sick of the toxicity of people living in the city, and mostly, she was just sick of being holed up in the Metro, away from the ocean. So one day, without permission and without telling anyone, she just up and left, bound for La Union, hoping that the surf and the waves will set her free.

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However, contrary to all of her expectations—or lack thereof—she met local surfer Moro Gandawali. Almost immediately after meeting him, Mikee was charmed into submission by him, and the two had fought against all odds, shuffling back and forth from La Union to Manila, to make their love, life, and even business work.

Though the may have come to blows in the few years they’ve been together, they always made it a point to choose love over bickering, and their story is a truly inspiring tale of love made real through effort and determination. Watch Mikee and Moro’s love story unfold here:

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