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Marese Secades: Learn The Best Diving Techniques From This Pinay Sea Nymph

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Choose Philippines | Apr 20, 2018

It's no doubt that most of us are curious of the magical world beneath us. Having the privilege to reside in a beautiful country surrounded by boundless bodies of water, we get to be more driven and ecstatic to explore the abyss. 

This real-life mermaid on instagram inspires and motivates swimmers and non-swimmers to dive the depths of the Philippine seas while being good stewards of the ocean. And, nothing is truly impossible with the guidance of a professional like Marese Secades. 

"Perhaps the after life feels like this, like youre swimming in void infinity, with nothing else but you and blank space. If there really is one, we dont know yet. So ive decided to just live out this one as if its the only one and so i place a higher value to my existence, where each moment becomes gold. Blind belief may lead you somewhere, but questioning everything leads you to yourself.(random afternoon thoughts)"

Marese is known all over the globe after being featured at National Geographic’s website. A natural mermaid who’s very passionate with teaching and free diving. Although this didn’t run smoothly, like any of us, she started her career in the corporate world but later ended in an unconventional yet exciting profession of teaching free diving through her school Apnea PH. 

Learn more about this majestic sea nymph over at her Instagram account, or inquire with her via email: [email protected]

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