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Meet the Van Gogh Ballpen Artist from Davao de Oro!

Davao City

Photo by James Lolo 

Everyone has used a ballpoint pen for writing but ballpoint art is one of the most exciting creative executions being made today! 

Some artists, such as a 21-years old student in Davao de Oro, are embracing the challenge of taking the ordinary writing tool to create something extraordinary. Using different ballpoints in an array of colors, James Lolo crafts strikingly realistic portraits of people. The ballpoint pen has been the artist’s medium of choice since he was young. “At the age of 7, hilig kayo ko magkuris kuris tapos unsa akong makit-an kay akong sundugon. Mao to ga-try kog mga free hand sketch gamit ang ballpen kay wala kayo koy tarong gamit sa art sap ag-drawing." (When I was seven years old, I am fond of experimenting using ballpens. Whatever I see, I draw then I tried free hand sketch using my pen because I don’t have art materials)

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One of his masterpieces, Vincent Van Gogh, trended on social media. The ballpoint sketch was done for only 45 minutes! It rewarded him with opportunities in the city and even some international recognition for the people who saw his masterpiece.

More than the attention, the young artist is grateful because he’s now earning from commissioned sketches which are a huge help for funding his studies. May Davao de Oro’s Van Gogh inspire everyone to challenge ourselves to make extraordinary things from the ordinary!

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