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Here's How Filipinos Banded Together for a Safer, Healthier Future!

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Mar 19, 2020

History proves that Filipino spirit, strength, and bayanihan shine throughout trials and challenges. This special trait found in Filipinos hasn’t changed for 2020’s coronavirus outbreak. Filipino companies and establishments allocated funds and efforts to support government hospitals and health workers. 

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The SM group pledged P100 million for personal protective equipment (PPEs), test kits, and other medical supplies for the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) and other government hospitals. They also aim to distribute 20,000 free test kits through this initiative.

San Miguel Corporation aims to produce and donate disinfectant alcohol as well as vitamin-enriched bread to be distributed to critical Metro Manila Communities.  


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Ayala Corporation distributed 10,000 N95 face masks to various public hospitals and started an online donation drive for hospitals and frontline health workers through Globe Telecom. They have also released a P2.4B emergency response package for their workforce.

The Belo Medical Group, donating their remaining PPEs to health workers facing the fight head on. 

Pharma company Green Cross has also been on the move to provide urgent supplies needed, such as producing alcohol and germicidal soap.

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The company also recently donated much-needed supplies to many areas, notably two of the most integral institutions in the fight against COVID-19: RITM and PGH. Other donations are scheduled to be delivered in the succeeding days. 

Photo from Green Cross

Local restaurants have also taken the initiative to provide free meals to various hospitals and hardworking health workers. These restaurants include Mcdonald’s, Yabu, Kanto Freestyle, The Plaza Catering, and many more.

Local Laguna bakery Wildbreads also initiated an effort for locals with limited access to food, “If #COVID19 (or anything in life!) is in the way of your access to food, please drop by either location and get a baguette from us,” indicates their post, “Pay what you can or don’t pay at all if you are unable to, or leave any amount for anyone who might need bread for that day.”

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Campus communities have also been stepping up and contributing in ways they can, the University of the Philippines has not only developed 6,000 test kits as of 12 March, 2020 through its scientists and researchers, UP industrial designers, chemists, engineers have also designed sanitation tents minimizing risks of COVID-19 transmission.  

Miriam College through its Alumni Association has also taken an initiative to take part in solutions by holding a donation drive of medical supplies for the RITM and East Avenue Medical Center. The Philippine College of Emergency Medicine (PCEM) together with Unilab as well have provided efforts in supporting health workers through distribution of vitamins, snacks, and other medical supplies.

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As with these communities and groups, locals too have been doing what they can to support the hospitals and health workers who continue to aid the people without hesitation.  

Medical doctor Nikki King-Chao started an initiative with family and friends to distribute masks to government hospitals and centers for free, spreading the hope and love for God to the people takes place as she does so. “We just want to spark a little hope in others,” she shares.

Filipino stylist and designer Simoun Andres also started an initiative on his own, sewing masks from scratch and distributing these along with medical supplies such as alcohol to frontliners. “Naiisip ko kaysa madepress ako,” he shares pertaining to a pause at work, “gantio na lang gawin ko, kahit papaano nakakatulong ako sa bayan.” (“Instead of getting depressed, I’ll just do this and at least help our nation.”

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