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In Dipolog City, an Early Christmas Parol to Shine Hope During Dark Days

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Choose Philippines | Mar 25, 2020
In Dipolog City, an Early Christmas Parol to Shine Hope During Dark Days

Story by Dynah Diestro

The Philippines has the longest Christmas on Earth! September inaugurates the start of the 4-month festive Pinoy holiday celebrations. Lately, there are people who show us that Christmas isn’t just a time of the year – it’s a spirit and a shared feeling. In Dipolog City, the house of Frasco Family serves as a source of light and inspiration to the residents as they lit their traditional Christmas parol as early as March.

Photo by: Armand Frasco

One of the most iconic symbols of Filipino Christmas spirit is the Christmas lantern or locally known as ‘parol’. For Filipinos, it is an expression of shared faith and hope. It also symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and Filipinos’ goodwill during the Christmas season. Hanging them outside is a representation of the star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men to the manger of the newly born Jesus Christ.

According to Armand Frasco, their family decided to display their parol early to give positivity and hope to everyone in Barangay Biasong, Dipolog City while the community undergoes quarantine due to COVID-19. “Hunahuna nako mayo bitaw nga idea nga magbutang ta’g cheer sa atong kinabuhi balik so unsa ma’y lain nga okasyon nga atong gi-look forward sige in a year so parol ra gyud ang pasko (We think of ways to cheer everyone up in this very difficult time. Since Christmas is the most anticipated celebration of the year, we decided to display a parol outside our house),” said Frasco.

Photo by: Armand Frasco

We live in tumultuous and divided times. It can be difficult to stay positive in spite of all of the depressing news around the world. But, we Filipinos have already endured and survived many difficulties. May the Frasco Family’s parol remind us to be grateful for all the good in our lives, to remain hopeful for better days ahead, and that we have the capacity to author our own future. Kaya natin ‘to!  


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