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In Iloilo, an Eco- Friendly Mask for Medical Frontliners!


Lory Joyce Andagan
Lory Joyce Andagan | Mar 26, 2020

Photo courtesy of Letlet Golez

With the high demand for face masks today, health workers and other front liners are severely lacking in supplies to protect themselves. In Iloilo, health workers took the initiative to make masks for them but what makes it more special is its features. These are washable, reusable, and eco- friendly!

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Letlet Golez is a health promotion officer in Western Visayas Sanitarium. As part of her job, she must also protect the health of the frontliners. Clinical masks are important in this time of crisis for the health workers who serve patients daily and are at risk of getting sick themselves. “Kay gaka-short na ang supply sang mask, I did a little research on making one that can better protect our employees”, she says. “I found out about using fluid resistant materials to help prevent droplet transmission. I also found out that it is possible to have an outer (fluid-resistant material), middle (any filter type material), and inner (cotton or ordinary cloth) layers sa mask.”

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She presented it to their COVID response team and they agreed to make a fluid-resistant and washable mask to augment their needs. They started the production by having a team composed of doctors and nurses in the hospital with a seamstress to make the masks. Materials used were cloth as the inner layer, eco bag or any microfiber cloth that is fluid-resistant as the fluid-resistant outer layer, magic tapes, tire wire, and garter. “We also used tire wire on the nose bridge area, just like any other surgical mask so you can press it and help seal that area for better protection,” Golez explained. "We placed a middle layer where the user can insert any filter type of material like a tissue, a surgical mask (so it can be used longer), dried wet wipes, or coffee filter.”

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As for these health workers, our safety is their top priority. They also want to share this idea with everyone since the supply of facemask is very limited. This innovation is very helpful in so many ways – reusable and eco friendly one.

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