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A General Santos Nurse Empowers Frontliners With Healthy, Nutrient-dense Food

South Cotabato

A General Santos Nurse Empowers Frontliners With Healthy, Nutrient-dense Food

Photos by ELPI Vegan Resto

To help our modern-day heroes with their continuous fight against the coronavirus, Chef ELPI, a Registered Nurse and vegan chef, launched a special project, the “Vegan Feeding Project” for the frontliners in General Santos City. He believes that each frontliner deserves healthy nutrient-dense food. “They have been eating nutritionally devoided unhealthy food. We want to show to everyone that this can be done, that eating healthy vegan/plant-based food is doable and be done by everyone. It is the most practical way to boost our immune system against the virus,” Chef ELPI emphasized.

Since ‘proper nutrition’ is the key to boost the immune system, Chef ELPI with his restaurant staff and fellow vegan chefs, Chef Minerva and Chef Glenn, prepared healthy and vegan food packs. Each ‘power pack’ contains fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.


Since March 20, they have been distributing the food packs to the medical and men in uniform frontliners in Gensan. “We have dedicated ourselves in this project hoping that the government and other big organizations help us address the dire need to feed our frontliners healthy plant-based food and hopefully inspire the rest of the people to eat healthy as well.”

Elpi also shared on the social media account of his vegan restaurant, some research results on why people should avoid eating meal products, especially now that we are experiencing the COVID-19 crisis.

“We hope that you would replicate this small initiative of ours. We also sincerely hope that we have inspired you. We should encourage everyone to eat more fruits and veggies especially in this time of crisis,” said Chef ELPI in a Facebook post.   

#kaiVEGAN… always eat healthy food and choose to support our local farmers. Kaya natin ‘to!

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