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A Couple Cultivates Hope for Small Farms in Davao City

Davao City

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Choose Philippines | Apr 08, 2020
A Couple Cultivates Hope for Small Farms in Davao City

Story by Bonna Pamplona
Photos by Andrea Cardino

Coronavirus is the latest in a string of misfortunes that have kept the farm industry down for several years. Several farmers have already complained that their livelihoods have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this unfortunate situation, light still shines through to our farmers as they are not forsaken by helping hands.

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An entrepreneurial couple who owns a small farm in the district serves as superheroes to some farmers in Marilog, Davao City. Before the pandemic, Randolf and Andrea Cardino used to bring their farms’ harvested products to be sold in the city. Because of the situation brought about the quarantine measures implemented, small-time farmers now need to shell out extra money for transportation costs. Moved by the farmer's plight, the couple decided to help the farmers out in their own way. 

As their way of extending help to some farmers, the Cardinos purchase the harvested products of the farmers, including squash, cucumber, kamote (sweet potato), eggplant, alugbati, papaya, cauliflower, broccoli, pechay, carrots, and sayote. Through this, the farmers saved on transportation costs that can be used for other needs of their families.

This is also the couple’s way to prevent the farmers from the threat of local transmission of the disease.

“We have farms sa Marahan. May mga kalapit na farmer na wala po silang transportation going to Davao. What we are doing… dinadala namin ang kanilang product based sa Bankerohan price and then we sell na diretso sa city at a lower price. (We were saddened by the situation of some farmers nearby our farm. So instead of them going to the city, we offered to do it for them. We’re also selling the products at a lower price to attract more buyers)," said Randolf.

The couple also donated some of the freshly picked veggies to the frontliners in Southern Philippines Medical Center as their way of showing high appreciation for the hard work, passion, and dedication in this time of health crisis.

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