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Police Officer Honors Fallen Medical Frontliners with Hand Sketched Portraits

Davao City

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Choose Philippines | Apr 08, 2020
Police Officer Honors Fallen Medical Frontliners with Hand Sketched Portraits

Story by Hernel Tocmo

Today, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, quarantine life is the new normal of the Philippines. It is a period of adjustment where people have to reframe and refocus exactly how they want to spend their time. In response, Filipinos have come up with a variety of activities to keep productive while sheltered in their own homes. Some busy themselves with daily household chores or catch up on backlogged projects. Others use the time to refresh their knowledge and learn new skills. Police Lieutenant Colonel Hamlet Lerios had a different idea. While caught in Luzon’s Enhanced Community Quarantine, he chose to make another kind of effort to help contain the spread of the very virus he is fighting to contain. 

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Using his drawing skills in drawing, the police officer sketched seven of the many Filipino doctors who died on the battlefield of the war against the spread of COVID-19.  His sketch also includes a stethoscope that surrounds the modern-day heroes, an apt symbol of their profession and a weapon they wield in the fight that they are currently facing. It is a simple, heartfelt tribute that honors the service of the medical frontliners who gave their own lives to save others. “Several doctors have already died, sacrificing their lives, including nurses, medical practitioners and other frontliners whose illness and deaths were not highlighted,” he said on a caption of his Facebook post.

Lerios, who is originally based in Davao City, now remains inside the Camp Crame as he undergoes Comptroller Officers Course.


More than a tribute, Lerios hopes that the drawing will highlight how everyone's cooperation is so important in the fight to stem the spread of COVID-19. Every Filipino can do their part to prevent the situation from getting worse. Following quarantine guidelines protects everyone from contracting the deadly virus. This way, the sacrifices made by the heroes who perished in the line of duty will not be in vain. That’s why his only appeal to the public is to stay inside their respective homes to avoid further infection to other people and to flatten the curve. “The simplest way we can help is to simply STAY IN OUR HOMES,” he added.

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