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Here's Where You Can Livestream Filipino Bedtime Stories for Kids During COVID-19 ECQ

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Choose Philippines | May 08, 2020

Story by Yen Mangompit

Bedtime stories have long been known to foster parent-child bonds and prepare children for sleep. Reading with your child gets them to enjoy reading, and children who enjoy reading do better at school. Reading for pleasure can also contribute to positive social outcomes and help with making friends.

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In General Santos City, Mommy Pia Manilay Millado, mother of 3 boys, has been keeping herself busy while under Enhanced Community Quarantine. She rekindles her love of reading bed time stories to her kids before. Now, she reads bed time stories live on her Facebook account using children’s storybooks.

Mommy Pia’s idea of storytelling reminds her of her childhood when she hears stories from her mom. According to her, she want the kids to appreciate reading and make it a habit instead of using and playing gadgets. She added, in reading, people can go to many places, it broadens the imagination and many true-to-life lessons can be learned. In her live storytelling sessions, she narrates the stories in Filipino because she wants the kids to embrace our own language. Reading live bedtime stories on social media is Mommy Pia’s way of helping kids ease boredom at home while under ECQ.

The power of reading allows children to transport their minds for faraway fictional worlds, sparking inspiration that encourages them to create stories of their own. This small effort will help boost your child’s sense of well-being, bring you closer together and add another warm and nurturing experience to family life.

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