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Sweet Baked Treats for COVID-19 Frontliners from Mommy Bakers in Davao City!

Davao City

Photos by Mindanao Cake Decorating Society

Mothers who bake use any excuse to heat up their ovens. They bake a cake to crown someone’s birthday, labor over cookies to celebrate a holiday, and whip up brownies because everyone loves chocolate. It turns out that baking is about more than creating something sweet to eat. Baking, especially when it’s done for others, can be accompanied by a host of psychological benefits. When at a loss for words, food just might be a creative way to communicate what you’re trying to say.

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Thus, the Mindanao Cake Decorating Society, a group of Mindanao-based mommy cake decorators, sugar crafters, baking enthusiasts, home-bakers, and suppliers, united to use their expertise in Bake for our Frontliners, a baking drive that aims to boost our frontliners energy and happy spirit with baked confections like loaves of bread, cupcakes, cookies, bars, and many more. Aside from the members, they also encourage other mommy home-based bakers and pastry shop owners to join them in this sweet campaign.

The campaign was rewarded with sweet victory as the bakers’ society members and the pastry shop owners and home bakers in the region grabbed their oven mitts and responded joyfully for our frontliners. The first wave of donations and distribution campaign started on April 22 where frontliners from the Department of Health XI, Southern Philippines Medical Center, Emergency Response of Central 911, police, security guards, traffic personnel, garbage collectors, gasoline boys, pedicab drivers, and some Food Panda and Grab riders enjoyed different varieties of bread, cupcakes, cookies and many more made with a very special ingredient, love!

Hannah Granado, MCDS President, is grateful to all bakers who responded to their call and share their expertise and passion in baking to provide a cheerful gift to our hardworking frontliners, “In the spirit of giving, we are encouraging other bakers, even from other parts of the country to do the same. Let us all have a positive influence on our community. Together, we can make a difference.”

At the heart of baking for others is the act of giving. While the process of baking can contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing, giving heightens that feeling. Offering food to somebody else is just as much a comfort to the person receiving as the person who’s serving and offering.

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