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In Bulacan, Quirky Takes on Designer Gowns Perfect for Flores de Mayo and Beyond


Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | May 11, 2020

Most people have been using their time productively while under the COVID-19 enhanced community quarantine. For a 20-year-old college student from the municipality Pandi, Bulacan, it’s no different. Godiosa Talania Macabacyao, “Diosa” to her friends, has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, except, she has other career plans for when she enters the real world.

Photo courtesy of Diosa Macabacyao

Fashion design po talaga gusto kong kunin,” Diosa shares, having to finish her current college course. Still, her confidence in her art keeps her motivated to chase her dream. “I’ll pursue after kong grumadweyt, kasi minsan lang po mabigyan ng ganitong kakayahan. (I really want to take up fashion design, I’ll pursure it after I graduate, it’s rare to be given this kind of skill.)”

As Diosa waits out the quarantine with the rest of the country, she continues to master her talent by sketching original designs. Her unique concepts are based on various ideas and objects, such as school universities, food products, vehicles, and more, all formed into stunning gown designs.

Ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng time sa pagdesign po, pero nagske-sketch talaga ako pagkagaling school or kahit nasa school po. (Today, I find that I have more time to design, but I’ve always sketch while I was at school and after class, when I get home.)”

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We must wonder, how does she come up with these fantastic ideas translated into fashion? As for Diosa, she too, has not thought about it too much and simply goes with the flow of her hands and mind. “Hindi ko rin po alam, minsan, iba-ibang ideas nalang po ang mga pumapasok sa isip ko,” she adds, “habang nagdra-drawing dun ko lang naaapply. (I don’t know, random ideas would just enter my mind.)”

Sharing her creative process, she blocks out all judgment and simply trusts hers. “Siguro kakaiba para sa iba, pero pag nagdra-drawing po kasi ako, ‘di ko iniisip kung magulo yung pagkakabuo ng design, dahil dun po lumalabas yung tunay na ganda ng obra. (It might be odd for some but when I sketch, I don’t stop to think if my design process is messy because that’s when the beauty of the work comes out.)”

As she designs on her sketchpad or diligently on a small phone when she runs out of paper, she expresses the irreplaceable feeling inside of her when in the moment. “Excited ako sa magiging kalalabasan ng disenyo na nagagawa ko po,” she adds, “Masaya rin po kasi nakakagawa ako ng mga design na kakaiba sa paningin ng maraming tao. (I feel excited while sketching my designs, happy too knowing these are unique in people’s eyes.)”

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Finding inspiration in different places, Philippine cultures, objects and even people who’ve expressed amusement in her work encourages Diosa to keep designing and to go for the goal. “Minsan natatawa nalang po ako dahil karamihan ng mga sinasabi ng iba ay hindi lang daw name ko ang kakaiba, pati mga ideas ko po. Nakaka-inspire po para sakin yung maraming nakaka-appreciate ng mga gawa ko po. (I find it funny when people say that not only is my name different, but my designs are too. It’s inspiring how people appreciate my work.”

Godiosa expresses that she wants to exceed her talent and show even more of what she can create and bring all these designs to life. “Gusto ko na hindi lang hanggang pagdesign ang kaya kong maabot, para maipakita ko rin po ang mga ibang design ko pa na hindi ko inilalabas sa social media. (I want to achieve more than just designing, I want to show my other designs that I haven't shared on social media.)"

Encouraging those who share the same dream, she relates an anonymous quote online that has always kept her going. “If you feel bad about your art, remember that there’s at least one person who genuinely likes your style, looks up to you, and wishes they could do what you do.”

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