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In Davao City, Mask Wedding Proves that COVID-19 Can't Stop Love

Davao City

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | May 11, 2020

Story by Berchan Louie Angchay

It will take more than 7,300 kilometers for Ronaldlen and Lealyn to travel to Davao from New Zealand last March, just to make their dream wedding happen. Everything was already set: from the prenup shoots, gown for the bride and suit of the groom, the choice of food to be laid in the long tables during the reception, and many more. All these best-laid plans have been turned upside down because of COVID-19.

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Unexpectedly, the global pandemic made them think about postponing or moving their wedding to 2021. But, as the saying goes, love conquers all! COVID-19 will not be a deterrent to their plans. “Because our marriage license is already here in place at that time. We’re in the Philippines already. Our parents from the UK arrived so why postpone the wedding?” says Lealyn.

Photo by Lealyn Llanera

The lovers pursued and successfully exchanged vows in the 18th day of March, and called it “Mask Wedding” because attendees wore face masks and observed social distancing inside the church. About 100 guests were originally invited to witness the union of hearts but they ended having only nine people due to ECQ health protocols. The grandiose reception was held in the groom’s residence, complete with all the traditional wedding customs like the bouquet toss and cake cutting ceremony.

Photo by Lealyn Llanera

Mr. and Mrs. Llanera are now back in New Zealand via a sweeper flight, where their life and work now is based. They may not have achieved their original wedding plan, but the changes they adapted to gave the newly-wed couple some realizations. The COVID-19 pandemic may have stolen the ideal wedding of the couple, but Ronaldlen and Lealyn see no other perfect time to exchange vows and promises of eternal love. “What was taken away from us are the things that are not really important and what was left to us were the most important and necessary things: the sacrament of matrimony and the blessing itself,” said the bride.

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