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Famous Singer Michael Bublé Gives His Grandfather's Home to Pinay Caretaker!

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | May 14, 2020

A Vancouver nurse and Pinay OFW, Minette is one of the many selfless Filipinos who provide for their families by tirelessly working all the way from the other side of the globe. On the American reality series Celebrity IOU, Hollywood stars give back to individuals who have made a big impact on their lives, and here, Minette was left speechless by Canadian singer Michael Bublé’s surprise for her.

The acclaimed artist who has won multiple Grammy awards is the voice behind the hit songs Haven’t Met You Yet, Everything, and Sway. Bublé has touched the hearts of many Filipinos once again by emotionally fulfilling his late grandfather Demetrio Santanga's dying wish: to leave his home to his caretaker Minette so that she would never have to pay rent again.

"I hired Minette, the nurse, to come and live with him and by the end, (she) was his best friend," Bublé shared to the Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott. “I think my grandpa would be thrilled knowing that maybe we could lessen the burden a little bit, allowing Minnette to continue helping her family without it being so hard on her."

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His family wanted to give back all the love and help Minette has shared to those around her. “Minette doesn’t keep any of the money that she makes. She’s got a lot of family in the Philippines and she takes that money and she sends it all back,” he adds, “She’s a really special, beautiful woman and my grandpa would be so happy. This was his dream.”

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Before welcoming Minette into her new home, Bublé, with the help of the Property Brothers, renovated the property to its full potential as a beautiful modern home. Taking part in the house’s demolition, the singer even injured himself in his exerted effort. “I don't know what I did. It was so bad that I went and got an MRI after," he adds, "It turns out that I'm just out of shape and I'm a wimp and the sledgehammer was too much for me — but I got in there. I refused to not be in there with them."

Not bothered by the length of the project, Bublé pressed on to achieve their goal for Minette, who was at the time was visiting her family at home in the Philippines.

Getting Minette in front of the camera upon her return was tricky, as she does not enjoy the spotlight. Getting sneaky, Bublé told her they were shooting a documentary about his grandfather, leaving her clueless about the renovation and the surprise in store for her.

Discovering how the 70’s-styled house Bublé’s grandfather built himself was transformed to the newly renovated modern oasis meant to be gifted to her and her family, Minette was stunned and in tears. "My grandfather, his greatest wish was not just that I kept this house in the family, but it was that this would be your home cause he loved you so much. And so, there is no documentary, this is all for you," Bublé tells her, "What do you think?” To which Minette replies in a very overwhelmed Filipino tone, “What do you think I think?! Of course, I love it.”

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“Minette is this really compassionate, kind, empathetic human being with a great sense of humor, a great zest for life, who never did anything for herself. She became family almost instantly." Bublé expresses, "It would've meant so much to me to know this house would be filled with love. I can only imagine what it's going to mean to her."

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