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In Cagayan de Oro, an Honesty Jeep is the New Normal for Public Transport


Jeepneys are the country’s most popular mode of transportation, taking millions to and from work every day. They’re easy to spot on the traffic-choked roads, often printed in bright colors and adorned with flashy ornaments. Many jeepneys sport names or slogans painted in big, elaborate fonts.

Due to strict safety guidelines to fight the coronavirus, the Philippines’ dominant mode of transport will be required to have a new look.

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For instance, in Cagayan de Oro, roads will soon be filled with "Honesty Jeeps.” The driver sets up fare collection boxes inside his unit to ensure physical distancing among passengers and a contactless mode of payment.  “Na-amaze at bilib ako sa idea ni Kuya para ma protektahan ang ibang tao at sarili nya na hindi na iniisip kung magbayad pa ng tama ang pasahero o hindi (The idea amazed me! I commend the driver for his concern to his passengers without taking to consideration if they will pay or not),” said Daryljane Magaway, the resident who posted the photos on Facebook.

 Photo by Daryljane Magaway

Passengers’ honesty will also be tested because they have full discretion over the payment they will render. "Sa mga pasahero, maging honest na lang po pag nakasakay kayo dito. Isipin nyo na lang ang pagod ni kuya sa pamamasada. (I encourage the passengers to be honest if you get a chance to ride in this jeepney. Think of the welfare and hard work of the driver.),” Daryljane’s appeal to passengers.  

 Photo by Daryljane Magaway

The Honesty Jeep will pass by the major streets in Cagayan de Oro.

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