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Canadian Practices 4 Unique Filipino Traits To Bring Out His Inner "Juan"

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Choose Philippines | Mar 03, 2015
Canadian Practices 4 Unique Filipino Traits To Bring Out His Inner

In these modern times, it is but inevitable that some uniquely Filipino traits disappear from the framework.  But as Canadian Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman has discovered and enjoyed, Blessing, Offering Food and Leaving the Last Piece, Local Fiestas and Tagay is very much alive wherever he goes in the Philippines.

Blessing or Pagmamano sa Nakakatanda as a Sign of Respect.

Kulas has learned and saw on many occasions that this is still practiced.  Either he was the one who made the gesture or he was recipient of the gesture.  He even tried it with his father when he went home to Canada.

Offering Food and Leaving the Last Piece. 

Wherever he goes, Filipinos always invite him to eat with them.  Even the humblest homes would offer whatever was on hand.

Leaving the last piece for someone who would belatedly come or hungry: It was a food for thought (pun intended) for Kulas why there Filipinos would leave food until he came to know the reason why.

Local Fiestas

Kulas wondered why people flock into homes of people they don’t even know and yet get warm welcome with loads of food.  This merriment of sharing as thanksgiving for bounty received.  It is a source of happiness to share.


The way that the drink is shared by a group of people, drinking from the same glass, forges camaraderie.

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