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Canadian Who Traveled to 29 Countries, Chooses a Philippine Paradise Island

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 06, 2015
Canadian Who Traveled to 29 Countries, Chooses a Philippine Paradise Island

Canadian national Kyle Jennerman is still madly in love with the Philippines and its people even after visiting several countries in the world. 

Kyle who is more popularly known as Kulas, a name given to him by one of the locals, has been to different countries and visited some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. But just like many other foreigners, he found his home in one of the many amazing islands of the Philippines: Sarangani.

Kulas fell in love with the place and its people; he even came to the point where he wanted become a Filipino. 

“This is the real Mindanao--- calm, peaceful, beautiful, and amazing. Anyone who thinks its dangerous or its bad, you need to recheck yourself especially if you’re Filipino.  This is the real thing,” said Kulas while watching the breathtaking sunset in the island. 

He considers Sarangani Island in Southern Mindanao as one of the greatest places in the country that he has ever seen. 

In the 2010 census, Sarangani Island had 23, 290 inhabitants from different religious groups-- Christians, B’laan, Muslim, and Sangil.

Sarangani Island is a province in Davao Occidental where than more 20 coves with white sand beaches are found. 




Kulas was also amazed by the colony of bats that hovered in the area when darkness fell. Being an adventurous person, Kulas dived in the waters that surround the 862-meter tall Balut Volcano.

Sarangani and Balut are major islands of the municipality of Sarangani in Davao Occidental. Sarangani Province, which is known for its little Boracay of the south, is not part of the municipality.

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