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Italian Captures the Grandeur of Masbate's Rodeo Festival on Film


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Choose Philippines | Jun 03, 2016

A couple of months ago, an amazing video started making its rounds on the Internet for all the right reasons. It was uploaded by WOWTAPES, "a collective of video wayfarer heroes. We wander over the earth to bring wonder back to the earth." And what made them wow? The Philippines! 

It was the product of a two-month backpacking trip of Fabio Reitano and his friends Giuseppe Lombardi, Filippo Golin, and Gianluca Agostini in our tropical island last 2015. After witnessing the most breahtaking sunset in Coron, Palawan, they ended up extending their stay for another month and exploring the rest of the country with their cameras—ready to share what they captured to the whole world. 

(Screencap from WOWTAPES)

This year, Fabio, alongside Simone Menine, came back to the Philippines and captured the fun and excitement of the Rodeo Festival in Masbate, a province in the Bicol Region. 

The Rodeo Masbateño began in the early nineties to perk up the province amid a decline in cattle population, the main source of livelihood. Through the two decades since its inception, the event has lassoed tourists from all over the country—the Italian filmmakers included. 

(Screencap from WOWTAPES)

The festival has stamped Masbate’s identity as the cattle center of the Philippines, and Masbate City’s fame as the rodeo capital. The province’s expanses of gently rolling hills are perfect for cattle ranching, and Masbateños have been honed by the decades to be exceptional riders and herders.

Words aren't enough to describe the grandeur of the festival, of course. Watch the video below and see how the Philippines made our frequent visitors say WOW.


Wow Tapes: Masbate from WowTapes on Vimeo.

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