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English Backpacker Who Has Traveled the World, Calls Banaue “Something Out Of A Movie”

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Choose Philippines | Oct 11, 2016

Tommy Walker, an Englishman who has traveled around the world, recently spent six weeks in the Philippines. In those six weeks, he was able to try balut, enjoyed paradise-like beaches, and tried nearly everything you could do in the country on a shoestring budget. Like any foreigner visiting the Philippines for the first time, it’s imperative that they test the waters by trying out our infamous balut. According to him, “I was shocked as eating a chicken foetus was crazy but with a little salt and vinegar it actually tasted really good.”

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Just a few days ago, his adventures were featured in Business Insider, who became fascinated at the fact that he was able to travel to so many countries—from Thailand, Australia, and even to most of South America. This streak of adventure, he says, speaking to Business Insider, was a combination of luck and working very hard: he had first collected a hefty inheritance, and once it ran out, he started working for his vacations, taking up several odd jobs in Australia and New Zealand, where he is currently based. 

Of course, we just had to ask him what his favorite destination in the Philippines was, and he claimed it was the Banaue Rice Terraces. He explains that, “Banaue just seemed like a different world. Its rice terraces looked like mini steps for giants and with the green and the way the mountains cover them, it just seemed like something out of a movie. I was in awe as soon as I researched them and even more so when I arrived.”

However, what really stands out about him is his frugality, amidst his affluent background, at least in comparison to the many countries he’s visited. He explains that, “The currency is stronger so going to somewhere like the Philippines is certainly beneficial. However, I don't like to splash on materials things, I'm very much an experiences kind of guy.”

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Asked about why he chose the Philippines out of all the other countries he could have visited, he simply said that, “I chose the Philippines because it was something a little different. I haven't even [gotten] started with travelling the rest of the Philippines, and there is so much to see and the further off the beaten track, the better. The place also filters out the adventurers and the 'any-old' traveller: the Philippines is broken up into so many islands that its not the easiest place to travel; I like that, you have to battle and 'work' to see paradise.”

In regards to Filipino food, Tommy simply said, “I was told that the food in the Philippines wasn't great which is a total lie! Filipino food is delicious!“ And by the way, Tommy loves Chicken Adobo; now we know what to serve him the next time he flies back to this beautiful country of ours.

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All images courtesy of Tommy Walker.

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