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Choose Philippines | Oct 18, 2016

Choose Philippines shines the spotlight on the individuals or group of foreigners who have shown remarkable affinity towards the Philippines, its people and all things Pinoy. Their body of work, interests and achievements show their immense love for our country, making it the place where their hearts truly reside. Vote now at Choose Philippines Awards: Best Pinoy At Heart!

1. Carla Rowland-Zamora: A Surfer on a Mission

In 2011, together with other surfers from all over the world, Carla Rowland-Zamora formed “MISSION: cleanWater- Philippines” which aimed to bring filters and offer safe drinking water, as they searched and traveled the world for awesome waves, especially in third-world countries, like the Philippines. 

During one of the most difficult times in Philippine history, the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, Carla and her group distributed filters to hard-hit areas in Central Visayas where there was scarcity of clean drinking water. 

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2. Fermin Alvarez: A Search for Home From Madrid to Camiguin

At present, apart form the Volcano House (a piece of land he owns on one of the slopes of Mt. Hibok-Hibok) which is now open to tourists, Fermin Alvarez is part of the Kilaha Foundation which focuses on projects to promote local tourism in Camiguin.

Aside from attending to his small rental, he is now focused on his foundation, Kilaha, which he created with a bunch of friends in the island. His advocacy brings together members and friends from different backgrounds, cultures, and generations with the purpose of developing different projects for the preservation and promotion of Camiguin.

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3. Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman: A Canadian’s Journey to #BecomingFilipino

In 2013, with his dream of becoming Filipino, Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman toured around the different islands of Visayas and Mindanao in just two months which was a life-changing experience for him. 

His campaign became viral and caught the attention of the netizens and local media, and eventually opened doors to opportunities of raising awareness about his patriotic deed.

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4. Sanne Sevig: The Bearer of Hope in Siargao

“I wanted to create a place wherein amazing people could connect.” Sanne Sevig, a Sweden-born 29 year-old woman, was living a life others would have only dreamt of— back in Stockholm, she owned both a pair of houses and a pair of cars, as well as managing a clothing company, but felt like’s she was missing on something else until she set foot on a tear-shaped island in the Philippines. 

Sanne had a change of heart when she visited Siargao in Surigao del Norte where she instantly fell in love with the place. 

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5. Xu Líng “Edgar” Feng: A Chinese National Who Conquered the Philippine Islands

Meet Xu Líng Feng, a Chinese national who professes to be a true Filipino at heart, and has travelled across all the 81 provinces of the Philippines. 

Edgar, as his Philippine friends call him, loves photography so much that it led him to explore our archipelagic nation of 7,107 islands. 

After a while, Edgar felt alienated in his own country, that is why he came back to the Philippines and decided to stay here for good. 

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