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Kyle "Kulas" Jennermann is Choose Philippines Best Pinoy at Heart

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Choose Philippines | Dec 07, 2016

Choose Philippines Best Pinoy at Heart award recognizes foreigners who showed their love and remarkable affinity towards the Philippines, its people, and all things Pinoy. Their body of work, interest and achievement show their immense love for the country making it their place where they hearts truly reside.

Kulas on stage to receive his award

#BecomingFilipino was Kyle "Kulas" Jennerman's advocacy which caught the attention of most Filipinos from all over the country.

His utmost dedication and appreciation for the Philippines is truly remarkable and he showed it by practicing Filipino customs and traditions.  

"Every single day I'm in this country, I already feel it's an award already. It's very strange to be recognized especially by Filipinos but the truth is I just wanna recognize you guys. I just wanna say thank you for being part of the culture that inspire a lot of happiness in my life and thank you for being a Filipino. Salamat."

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