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Meet CovidBot, Your Trusty Online Helper For Initial COVID-19 Diagnosis and More!

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Apr 21, 2020

Many have questions to ask regarding the outbreak of COVID-19: preventive measures, reach of cases, symptoms that some may be experiencing at home. Luckily, Philippine marketing agency Quanta Digital presents CovidBot, an online chatbox that gives information about guidelines, updates, and statistics about COVID-19 within the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Tristan De Belloy

Former CMO of Lazada and now CEO and Founder of Quanta Digital, Tristan De Belloy shares that their team has added to their current business focus by shifting some of their efforts towards COVID-19 campaigns, teaming up with NGOs for better information dissemination. One of their initiatives was creating an online bot built for enhanced public awareness about the disease.

Together with Facebook and French software company Clevy, Tristan and his team developed CovidBot in the Philippines. With the help of medical research and professionals, he shares that the free online bot’s main function is to assess and diagnose COVID-19 related situations at home to minimize the immediate need to go to hospitals, which are now operating at full capacity. “We worked with a medical institute to create an auto-diagnostic,” he shares, “We used 21 questions that allocate cases under COVID-19.”

CovidBot Facebook Messenger interface

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The Screening Test takes users through a series of questions about each specific symptom. "It also shares other information like if you might need to call the DOH, or get numbers for tele-comforting, tele-medicine,” Tristan shares. Other features of the CovidBot include auto-generated information options about preventive measures, Philippine and global case data and statistics, even a Myth Busters Quiz for entertainment with true or false questions about the disease. “It also provides information about the best things to do during COVID-19, like how to wear masks and how to do social distancing.”

Tristan shares that the Covid-Bot addresses the difficulty in instantly accessing specific and accurate information about the pandemic. This is why he encourages local governments and the Department of Health to adapt this bot online for the public to use it to their advantage. “The challenge now is to make sure that people use it,” he shares, “It will be very helpful to assess the situation. We are giving it for free to any local government that would need it, as well as the DOH.”

CovidBot web version interface

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Communication truly is key in today’s times. Tristan and his team hope the CovidBot helps in spreading helpful and accurate information to the public. “There’s so much information now in the digital landscape. What is really important is to be able to track what is correct and what is not,” he expresses, “The source of the information is really crucial. It’s very important especially during the lockdown. People are a bit scared and are looking for news. That’s why it’s really important to share news and to share information digitally.”

Give the CovidBot a try! Access it here through Facebook Messenger or the web version. For more information, you can contact Quanta Digital at [email protected]

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