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American Singer-Songwriter HALSEY Makes Turon "All the Time"!

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Apr 24, 2020
American Singer-Songwriter HALSEY Makes Turon

American singer-songwriter Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, publicly known as HALSEY has been replying to fun tweets online while in quarantine due to COVID-19, even reaching 2am as she shares about her current foodie mode at home.


When asked of what she’s been cooking up at home, she shares that she’s been trying out homemade meals such as miso ramen, pasta, and tacos. Her expertise exceeds her musical abilities as she dishes about her chef skills at home!

To the surprise of the celebrity’s Filipino fans, she enthusiastically reveals her love for turon and how she has always cooked it up! Here's to hoping she shares pics of her take on turons soon!

Bananas deep fried in lumpia wrappers, glazed in caramelized sugar is one of the ultimate go-to sweets in the country and we must wonder how she came upon loving this classic Pinoy snack.

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HALSEY has visited Manila in August 2018 for a concert at the New Front Theatre in Cubao, this could have been the time of her turon discovery! During her show here, she points out the musicality in Filipinos while on stage. “Every single artist in the world knows that when you come to Manila, you will see some of the best music fans in the world,” she said, also sharing the dedication of her fans in the country who supported her since the beginning of her career. “I’ve been waiting to play this concert for a very long time.”


A post shared by New Frontier Theater (@newfrontiertheater) on


A post shared by New Frontier Theater (@newfrontiertheater) on

Should she returns for another show in the Philippines after the pandemic and quarantines, all the Filipino love and turon will surely be waiting!

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