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Fil-Am American Idol Finalist Leaves Katy Perry In Tears!

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | May 16, 2020

Filipinos have always been known as songbirds, especially abroad with their distinct talent in singing. Francisco Martin is an eighteen-year-old Filipino-American college student from San Francisco and he is no exception to the musicality of Filipino blood. Joining and soaring throughout the 18th season of American Idol, Francisco bested hundreds and thousands of contestants to reach the show’s finale to be aired on 17 May 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic might be ravaging the world, but the show must go on. Because of implemented home quarantines, each of the contestants and judges filmed their scenes at home, including Francsico at his very Filipino home with his enthusiastically supportive family, complete with shrines of saints seen in the background.

The young Fil-Am performed “Falling Like the Stars” by English singer-songwriter James Arthur live for the judges on one of the show’s last rounds. Francisco left the judges emotional and in tears, particularly Katy Perry.

“I’m sorry, I’m having a day I don’t fit into any of my stuff,” pregnant Katy shares while holding napkins of tissue, “And then, when you sang those lines about having four kids and one on each knee, I was like-“ cutting herself off, she bawls her feels from Francisco’s heartwarming performance out. “Yeah sure, it’s hormones, but it was believability too. It’s real believability and I felt it.”

“I wanna fan Katy or cool her off or something,” fellow judge Luke Bryan jokes, praising Francisco’s ability to relate emotion in performing. “You know Francisco, I just think you’re a diamond in the rough. You really know how to get all the emotion of a song. If I was a little more hormonal I would be crying right now.”

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Before getting to his comments on the performance, he first acknowledges gratitude towards Francisco’s mom and her line of work in the medical field. “First of all, I cannot just tell you how proud I am of your mom being a first responder, shoutout to your mom for sure.”

“Let me talk about you for a minute,” Lionel returns to the young contestant, applauding his raw and natural talent. “Halfway through that song I just saw you fly out of that nervousness and give us exactly what you’re all about, which is true talent.”

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Think Francisco could bag the whole competition at the upcoming season Finale? You’re not alone, the judges knew he was a winner right from the start at his audition. Though he was nervous like crazy, as were his cute Pinoy parents expressing “I’m nervous right now, I’m shaking,” Francisco astounded the viewers and judges upon discovering him and his talent. “Are you in college?” Luke asks, following up with a “drop out.” Encouraged by the judges to pursue his career in music instead.

“Would you faint if I told you that you are top 10?” Katy asked, leaving Francisco in disbelief and Luke and Lionel disagreeing with her understatement, each saying “I think you’re top 5.”

Luke was revealed to have written a giant “Winner” on his notes to show the judges behind their desk, and Francisco was welcomed onto the show.

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