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Cebu's Award-Winning TV Magazine Show Celebrates 7 Years of Inspiring People


Kimo Cea
Kimo Cea | Apr 08, 2015

ABS-CBN Cebu's "MagTV Na!" celebrates 7th anniversary this April!



As we welcome the summer heat, ABS-CBN Cebu's #1 TV magazine show in Central Visayas celebrates its 7th year on regional TV. The show has featured interesting happenings all around the region– travelling to beautiful places, tasting delicious food, meeting interesting people to participating in the region's exciting festivals and local events!

The show also features lifestyle, fashion, health and wellness. As part of their advocacy, the award-winning TV magazine show also shows stories of hope and empowerment. 



With the show's creative concepts and relevant contents, "MagTV Na!" has become an Anak TV Seal Recipient in 2010, 2013 and 2014.



As they celebrate their 7th anniversary, "MagTV Na!" Cebu hosts --- who by the way are also Star Magic artists --- share to us what make them proud to be a Kapamilya!



"It gives me a different perspective in life. It is giving me so much fulfillment to be part of a company that features more than just people but their story, more than just places but their history, most of all it is more than just television, it is public service."


"I take pride in the fact that I belong to the most respected number 1 tv network in the country. To have this kind of fulfillment at a young age of 27 is beyond a blessing. I am truly honored to have given a chance to inspire and create a change through the network that considers me not only as a talent but a kapamilya.?"



"Our strong drive to provide quality entertainment. It is the one thing that is making me proud to be a kapamilya. It has been our core and through the years, we have consistently produced shows that are both informative and entertaining. I am proud to be part of this community, this family."


"I am proud to be a kapamilya because it is an avenue for us to inspire, to uplift, to reach out to our fellow kapamilyas that no matter the circumstance we will always be here for them. Whatever need we try our best, go the extra milen to fill that. At the end of the day, there will be smiles, to every Filipino, to every Kapamilya.?"



Congratulations ABS-CBN Cebu and MagTV Na! for another successful year! And to all the show's supporters, everyone in MagTV Na! would like to say "Daghang Salamat Sa Inyong Tanan!" (Thank you everyone!)

ABS-CBN Cebu's "MagTV Na!" airs every Sundays 9am on ABS-CBN Cebu. You may also watch "MagTV Na!" episodes on iWanTV using your ABS-CBN Mobile. 

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