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Here's How We Say "Good Day!" All Over The Philippines!

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Choose Philippines | Aug 09, 2019

Toni Morrison once said that language may be the measure of our lives, a conduit for communication that is both invisible yet necessary. Words have always had a duality of power: to oppress and to release, to wound and to heal, to maim and to unite. It also is a receptacle of history, where the evolution of a spoken tongue illustrates the journey of a nation and its people. 

An archipelago of 7,641 islands, the Philippines is home to 175+ local dialects, each with its own cultural and historical significance. This fact speaks of the rich history of the country and its dealings with a multitude of cultures. Most of the dialects were derived from Malayo-Polynesian roots, evidence of the ethnic ancestry of the pre-Hispanic population. Some harked from Arabic and Chinese influences, remnants of trade relations and shared histories with these cultures. Others were borrowed and assimilated from Spanish, a testament of the country's colonial narrative with Spain.

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While Filipino and English are the official languages of the Philippines, it is interesting to note that the native tongues of the regions remain alive throughout the nation: in colloquial conversations and casual bantering amongst fellow Filipinos, in heartfelt speeches and emphatic greetings. Here, we've rounded up some of the ways Filipinos hail each other on the start of a new day, showcasing how the nation embodies unity in diversity in the way that their people speak. 

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