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Modern Filipiniana Looks You Can Cop for Linggo Ng Wika 

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Kier Neil Francisco
Kier Neil Francisco | Aug 22, 2019

More than we’d like to admit, Buwan ng Wika is one way we Filipinos like to get fancied up. It’s the time of the year when we get to showcase beautiful and unique traditional Filipino clothes. To help you get those heads turning, we’ve listed our top Filipiniana looks you can cop for this year's Buwan ng Wika.

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Photographs taken from the Instagram accounts of Catriona Gray, Gabbi Garcia, Mara Chua, Venus Raj, Mariadee, Barong Warehouse, Filip & Inna, Tipay Caintic, Kandama, Michael Leyva, Mia Urquico, Wedding Essentials Magazine, Maxene Magalona, H'Hen Niê, Yanee Alvarez, Trixie Zarate, Milka Quin, Mark Bumgarner, Audrey Tan Zubiri, MARCOpilipino, Tygie, Pineapple Industries, Ryuji Shiomitsu, Kultura , Nicolette Kezia, Barong Dress, Marian Rivera, Melissa Ricks, and Tiddletots.

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