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Five Underrated Sites and Sights To Visit in Davao City!

Davao City

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Choose Philippines | Oct 08, 2019
Five Underrated Sites and Sights To Visit in Davao City!

Story by Hernel Tocmo

Photos by the author and Vina Araneta

While Davao is the gateway to many amazing tourist destinations in Mindanao, there are other attractions and activities that are a must-experience in Davao City. Davao is a perfect place to go during harvest season. Tropical fruits like Marang, Mangosteen, Lanzones, and the king of fruits, Durian, can be bought for the lowest prices. Also, cultural sites such as the Kadayawan village, a place that features houses, as well as culture, traditions, and customs of the six Muslim and five Lumad tribes, is open all year round.

Allot 3 to 4 days to fully experience what the city has to offer. To complete your itinerary, we’ve rounded up some of the overlooked sites, sights, and experiences that Davao City has to offer.

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1. Parks & Gardens

Photo from Hermel Tocmo

Located in the heart of the bustling city, tourists can breathe fresh air and take a walk to enjoy the scenery of lush green gardens that are free for both locals and tourists. Head over to People's Park, dubbed as one of the cleanest and greenest parks in the country, or to Davao Botanical Garden in Marfori Heights.

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2. Animal Encounters

Photo from Hermel Tocmo

You have never been to Davao if you have not visited the Philippine Eagle Center in Brgy. Malagos, that features over 30 monkey-eating eagles. It may be every Filipino's part of their bucket list to see the pride and symbol of the country. For an affordable entrance fee of P100 to P150, guests can enjoy close encounters with various kinds of birds or meet the Philippine eagles named by the foundation or by their sponsors. The center also teaches tourists about the protection and conservation of the Philippine Eagles, which are considered critically endangered species.

Minutes away from downtown Davao, you will find Davao Crocodile Park and Zoo at diversion road in Barangay Ma-a. Here you will see different kinds of animals, such as tortoise, monkeys, lion, and tigers. The highlight of the tour is 'Pangil', the country's biggest crocodile in captivity. For the more daring, exotic food such as crocodile ice cream, crocodile Lechon, and ostrich omelet, is available for sampling. The park has an entrance fee of P250 to P350.

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3. Chocolate Making

Photo by Vina Araneta

Located in a 12-hectare garden and tropical forest, Malagos Garden Resort in Barangay Malagos, offers chocolate-making sessions. Inside the interactive and creatively built Chocolate Museum, you will learn the history and the booming chocolate industry of Davao City. Afterwards, you can taste and learn how to make their chocolates, which have been receiving accolades in and out of the country. Malagos offers day tour for tourists for P250 to P650.

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4. Cool Countryside Resthouses

Photo by Hernel Tocmo

Known as the largest city in the country in terms of land area, Davao City's Marilog District, a two-hour drive from the city proper, is for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Davao. Tourists and locals can take a break in many rest houses located in the mountains. The view and climate are comparable to Baguio City.

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5. Davao For The Adventurous

Photo by Hernel Tocmo

Davao City also offers spots for the adventure-seekers. In Eden Nature Park, you can go horseback riding, experience their sky rides, which include, Sky Swing - one of the highest swings in the country, Skycycle or cycling on the air, or Sky wheel.

Photo by Hermel Tocmo

Tourists can also try river rafting from Barangay Tamugan to Barangay Lacson for P1,700. In a 13-kilometer route through the clean water of Davao river, challenge yourself to paddle through 21 rapids without falling off or capsizing! The experience is worth it as you will appreciate the green landscape of Davao.

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