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Something Creepy This Way Comes In Sual, Pangasinan


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Choose Philippines | Oct 24, 2019
Something Creepy This Way Comes In Sual, Pangasinan

Article by Cris Zuniga
Photos by  Elaine Fulgencio

Sual is a relatively small coastal municipality where fishing is the main livelihood of the residents, with dried fish and squid as their main produce. Over the years, traversing the 1-kilometer zigzag road that is part of the National Highway in the area gives many locals the creeps. This infamous portion connects travelers to Western Pangasinan, a gateway to many tourist destinations of the area like the pristine white sand beach of Bolinao, the Hundred Island National Park in Alaminos City, and the Angle Cave in Bani.

This winding stretch is notorious for numerous vehicular accidents. According to Sual PNP, 7 accidents were recorded this year and 14 last year. Police Lieutenant Fredwin Sernio, Chief of Sual PNP clarifies that most of the accidents were the result of mechanical and human error. “The road is stiff and most of the motorists do not observe the speed limit,” he says, adding that most of the victims are travelers trying to explore tourist destinations in Pangasinan.

However, locals believe otherwise. Old tales of restless souls lurking along the zigzag road are the talk of the town. Navigating the uphill terrain surrounded by dense branches and bushes, one cannot ignore the haunted feeling of the place. Barangay Poblacion Chieftain Ramon Sabido shares the story about a girl who was allegedly murdered and dumped off the cliff, the origin story of the White Lady blamed for several road mishaps in the area. To this day, no dead body was found underneath the cliff.

Most of the time, vehicular traffic for commerce and tourism ply its stretch so there is a slim chance that one will be driving on your own. Still, tricycle driver Bernardo Canonico does not dare to cross the road alone, particularly during the night. “It feels like someone is riding with me,” he confessed.

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Another dweller, Joey Ibanez, claims that one night when he was passing through, he saw a beautiful young lady with long hair dressed in white standing right beside the road who suddenly disappeared. “I think I saw a white lady,” he concludes.

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The locals took an oath to bless the road every Halloween. “Before, we invited an Irish Priest to appease whatever spirit might be stalking along the accident-prone area,” Ramon reveals. Now, as part of the adventure, to explore the wonders of the unspoiled beaches and marvelous caves in Western Pangasinan, one must overcome the creeps.

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