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This Massive Santa Collection Brings Holiday Joy to Narvacan, Ilocos Sur!

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Choose Philippines | Nov 25, 2019
This Massive Santa Collection Brings Holiday Joy to Narvacan, Ilocos Sur!

Story by Ria Galiste
Photography by  Lemuel Salvador

Traditionally, the start of “ber” months in the Philippines marks the beginning for many Filipinos to decorate their homes, offices, and spaces with garlands, sparkling lights, and lanterns, as the country gears up to celebrate one of the longest Christmas seasons around the world. For Susan Saninad, while there may be many ways to celebrate the Christmas season, she personally chooses to commemorate the birth of Christ by sharing what brings her joy during this time of the year.

As Susan believes that Christmas decorations bring magical vibes, she has made it a tradition to display her a 1000-piece collection of Santas figurines and a Christmas village depicting the holiday season celebrations of different countries around the world. She is sharing her happiness because she believes that her Santa collection will also make other people happy.

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The avid collector of different Santa Claus figurines has amassed various Santa memorabilia such as statues, figurines, stuffed toys, jars, and cushions. Her unusual pursuit started around 20 years ago when a friend of hers sold her some Santa Claus figurines. Since then, Susan kept buying more pieces to add to her growing assortment. As word of her hobby spread, her family and friends started giving her Santa memorabilia.

With her huge inventory, Susan admits that she can no longer remember all the countries where her pieces were bought. Most of her collection, however, came from the US, sourced from stores that sell Santa-themed items year-round. She also bought some of the pieces from local retailers and malls, taking care to select pieces that would last for years. Among all the pieces in her collection, her clear favorite is a Santa wearing the traditional Barong Tagalog, a suitable representation of the Filipino’s love for the Christmas season and its festivities.

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Her Santa Collection is loved by many. Her yearly display is eagerly anticipated by her friends who would promptly schedule Christmas parties in her Baguio home as soon as her collection is set up. This year, her Santa display will be showcased in the Town Hall of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. The collection is open for public viewing until January 2020. Taking photos of the display is allowed by touching the items is prohibited.

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