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A Unique Christmas Village in Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Negros Occidental

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Dec 12, 2019

Story and photos by Nico Delfin

Movie icon King Kong is dressed up for the holidays! From a scary figure, it has transformed into a Santa Kong watching over the 7-hectare recreational amusement park. The behemoth is among the colossal figures mesmerizing thousands of tourists in Campuestohan Highland resort in Barangay Cabatangan in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

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The winter-themed village provides a great experience for families and friends, especially for tourists coming over during the Yuletide season. The colorful Christmas Village is also equipped with a fog and bubble machine for kids to jump in and enjoy. Aside from the pools and other attractions to explore for day tours, one can choose their kind of adventure with a variety of rides to include the newly-built zip surf, hamster wheel ride, and paragliding at the zip line. They can also sweat it out at the rope course or just simply relax and enjoy a captivating view walking through the hanging bridge.

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Watching over the scenery of green plains surrounding the bright lights of Bacolod City at sunset is definitely an exhilarating sight from Sitio Campuestohan. The breathtaking sights and the coolness of the breeze embracing the lush green forest of Mount Makawili convinced owner Ricardo Tan and his wife Nita, to establish a log cabin-inspired rest house, which eventually paved the way to his animated resort in 2012. Since then, the former local official turned visionary never ceases to amaze people through imaginative and fascinating structures at the resort to the delight of his visitors.

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Visitors can pick a village for an overnight stay. A night for couples or for a family of six at the colorful teepee huts of the Indian village would cost P5,000 to P6,000, inclusive of free entrance with free breakfast. Staying for a night at the bonita huts cost P3,500 while spending cozy moments at the Raphaella Windmill regular rooms and suites would cost P8,500 – P15,000 a night. For day tours, cottage prices ranges from P500 – P1,200.

Getting to Campuestohan is accessible through a 45-minute resort shuttle ride from corner Circumferential and Burgos Street in Bacolod City from 7 AM to 3 PM daily. Shuttle fare cost P70 per passenger. Admission fees of P200 include free pool use.

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