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For Social Distancing, Air Hug is the New Power Hug

Davao City

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Apr 08, 2020

Story by Hernel Tocmo

Netizens were moved by the video uploaded by Theresa Ugto on social media, depicting a poignant moment between Patrolwoman Josephil Nestoso and her 9-year old daughter. “My sibling called to tell us that her patrol car will pass by the house. She asked if it was possible to see her child from afar because she misses her daughter,” reveals Theresa, the police officer's sister.

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As soon as Patrolwoman Nestoso steps out of the vehicle, her daughter lays out a fruit and biscuits offering for her mother. They exchange an "air hug" as a way to say goodbye. “You know, she really loves to hug her mom, but it’s really not possible because of social distancing,” said Theresa. She was also moved to tears while taking the video because of the situation of the mother and daughter. “They only have each other because my sibling is a single mom," she explains, "You can really see the love between the two of them.” 

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Meanwhile, in a Facebook post, Patrolwoman Josephil encouraged everyone to stay at home, be safe and include them in our prayers, "It's really hard for me to be away from my daughter but it's the best thing to do at this time for her safety."

To date, the video has reached over 1 million views, resonating with viewers who were moved by the situation of the mother and daughter who are not able to be with each other because of the threat of COVID-19. 

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