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In Davao City, Covid-19 Inspired Confections to Celebrate your Quarantine Birthday!

Davao City

In a uniquely unfortunate twist of fate, many people are celebrating birthdays away from family and friends due to social distancing protocols forced by the coronavirus. People have been ordered to stay at home and not gather in groups larger than 10 people. But, knowing Filipinos, there are still so many ways to celebrate and show care to their loved ones.

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In Davao City, Pastry Chef Honey Loyola thought of a creative way to grant the request of her client. “A friend wanted to give a cake to her senior citizen parents, but since they have no reason to celebrate, she wanted something to remind them to stay at home,” Chef Honey shares.  Together she and her friend conceived of a unique concept befitting the situation, a Stay at Home Cake!

The Stay at Home Cake is a whimsical, fully edible confection featuring fondant details of essential items to keep us safe from the spread of the coronavirus: tissue, gloves, face mask, alcohol, and disinfectant wipes! The middle of the cake is emblazoned with an important reminder to the celebrants and everyone: stay at home. Clients can choose between Belgian chocolate moist, red velvet, vanilla butter, banana walnut, mocha, and lemon butter flavors. Since their cakes are customized, clients can choose other details and size to the cakes. “I wanted to send a thoughtful reminder to the people we love, to stay at home and enjoy our cakes,” said Chef Honey.

Facebook: Honeys and Cakes 
Facebook: Honeys and Cakes 

Chef Honey has been baking cakes since 2012, getting into selling them after graduating from pastry school in 2014. Now, she manages “Honeys and Cakes,” an online cake shop business. For the past 4 years, she has been customizing cakes, specializing in wedding cakes. “Because of the pandemic, all events were canceled. I’m still employing my staff of 3 at home, so I decided to still accept cake orders to support their needs and provide for their families, too!” she added, “Baking is my passion that’s why even though it’s tiring, my customers’ satisfaction keeps me going. I always look forward to their reaction every time we deliver their orders.”

Whether it is businesses adapting to the celebration scene or families having birthdays unique to the times, Filipinos are finding ways to make birthdays in the era of coronavirus as enjoyable as possible.

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