7 Reasons to Explore Agusan del Sur After “Lolong”

Find out why Agusan del Sur is not your typical getaway. Remember the giant alligator “Lolong” was caught in Bunawan in Agusan River in 2011? Measuring 6.17 meters and weighing kilograms, he was declared by the Guinness Book of World Record as the longest of its kind. For more than a […]

Alimango Festival: Watch the Dancing Mud Crabs of Samar

Have you witnessed the courtship dance between male and female alimangos? The Philippine mud crab, scientific name Scylla serrata, also called as mangrove crabs or black crabs is an economically important crab species.  It is because of the business opportunity for the growing demand of these crustaceans commercially. Mud crab, commonly called […]

The Legend of the Miraculous Lady in White Lurking in Eastern Samar’s Hamorawan Spring

Eastern Samar annually celebrates the Padul-ong Festival in honor of the Blessed Virigin Mary. Celebrated in Eastern Samar province, the Padul-ong Festival is the province’s way to pay homage to its Patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary. The capital city of the province, pronounced as “bo-rong-gan”, was derived from the Waray-waray word “borong” which means “fog.” […]

Three Stars And A Sun: What Do They Mean?

The famous “Three Stars and a Sun” was originally a symbol of the Katipuneros fighting for the independence of the country. The three stars signify the three principal islands of the archipelago during the time the flag was first flown: Luzon, Mindanao, and Panay. The sun symbolizes the efforts of all […]

Iloilo: Getting to Know the Royal City of the South

The story of Iloilo started after the Panay Island was divided into 3 districts called “sakups.” The story which is still considered as folklore was about the 10 Bornean datus who came to the island and traded the land to the Atis with a gold wide-brimmed hat called saduk or […]

Babaylan Festival of Bago City

The Babaylan Festival of Bago City, Negros Occidental is celebrated every February. Come join the fun! Babaylan Festival 2013 file photo by Sir Billy Lopue | Camera Club of Negros  The Babaylan Festival is based on the rituals performed by the babaylans, like rituals on marriage, baptism, healing, harvest and […]