The Galapagos of Asia: Sibuyan Island

Located literally at the heart of the Philippine archipelago, Sibuyan in Romblon province is an island blessed with a uniquely rich biodiversity and unparalleled beauty. It’s commonly dubbed as the Galapagos of Asia but in truth, Sibuyan has even more to offer than the Galapagos. It’s an island that’s lived […]

The Royal Street of Iloilo: Calle Real

 J.M. Basa Street marker; photo courtesy of ABS-CBN Iloilo  JM Basa Street or popularly known as “Calle Real” is Iloilo City’s historic center, a manifestation of its glorious past. J.M. Basa Street; photo courtesy of ABS-CBN Iloilo  Declared as a heritage site of Iloilo, The Downtown Iloilo City Heritage District, […]

The Rainbow Tree of Bago City

Painted by nature as the tree grows in time, the Eucalyptus deglupta is commonly known as rainbow eucalyptus, rainbow gum, or Mindanao gum, and to some, simply the “rainbow tree.” The tree is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the northern hemisphere. And yes, it’s also native in the Philippines, thus […]

The Millennium Tree of Aurora: Majestic & Mystical

The moment you see her, Aurora’s 600-year-old balete tree commands attention and fascination. A balete tree is usually synonymous with superstitions and horror stories in Filipino folklore. The Millennium Tree at Maria Aurora town in the province of Aurora, however, is a source of pride to the locals. It’s one […]

Siquijor’s Mysterious Balete Tree

In the Philippines, some people believe that balete trees are homes of mystical beings such as the bearded smoking “kapre” and the demon horse “tikbalang.” These trees are also where sorcery rituals are being performed. In Siquijor, we found a 400-plus year-old balete tree which is believed by the locals […]