Paella, Pinoy Style!

After centuries of Spanish colonial rule and decades of Pinoy creativity, paella has become Filipinized. Be it seafood, Valencia, negra or mixed, paella and all its variants have been important parts of Filipino cuisine. Originating from Valencia in Spain, paella is a Catalan word derived from the old French word paelle, […]

A Papal Tower in the Philippines?

The seven-story edifice commemorates the late Pope John Paul II’s pastoral visit to Bacolod last February 20, 1981. The tower was built in the area where he delivered one of his most powerful messages on behalf of the poor.   The Pope Tower at night during New Year’s Eve; photo […]

Binangkal: A Cebuano Native Delicacy

Binangkal is a sesame-covered baking powder doughnut that is shaped and as small as a ping-pong ball. It is deep fried until crisp and brown on the outside. It looks like a dim sum which gives us a hint of Chinese influence. The basic or main ingredients are eggs, oil, […]

The Legend of Chocolate Hills

Carmen, Bohol – 1,260 Chocolate hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. These hills have a secret stories to tell, a legend that many of us didn’t know. Here are the four legends of the Chocolate Hills. […]

Sagayan: The Dance of the Maguindanaoan

“Sagayan” is a Maguindanao word, and the war dance has always been part of merrymakings during special occasions and weddings among ethnic Maguindanaons. It is a dance of nobility, gallantry, and honor. The movements depict the ferocity of warriors and is descriptive of the Maguindanaoans who hold the reputation of […]

5 Philippine Spots Where to Wish Upon a Firefly

Know where to find the alitaptap. Young Tenten of the ABS-CBN teleserye Dolce Amore believes that fireflies have magical powers: they actually turn into fairies at midnight and you can whisper your wishes to them. He happily shared this to Sese, a childhood penpal whom he meets in the Philippines years later. In a mystical […]

Pagtaltal sa Guimaras

Pagtaltal file photo from  In the Philippines, Filipinos celebrate the Lenten Season with prayers and activities like stage plays. One of which is the “pagtaltal”. “Pagtaltal” means to remove. Thus, the drama ends with the removal or bringing down the body of Jesus Christ from the cross and is […]