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Compassionate Networking? A Davao Based Group Makes It Work!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 22, 2020

Compassionate Networking? A Davao Based Group Makes It Work!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay
Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 22, 2020

Photos by Choi Millana

In the middle of this crisis that we are facing, our economy spiraled down. Everyone felt it, even well-off individuals. Imagine how difficult it must have been for less fortunate families? With this in mind, One Heart Davao was created for compassionate networking to connect privileged people to those who are in dire need.

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Contrary to being a charity institution, they built the group to be a network where giving and receiving is a self-sustaining act done by people themselves in the community. “Currently, we have several groups who are officially recognized by One Heart Davao and are actively participating in this drive – SCOT Team, Dying Breed Davao, CRC Davao, and Davao Diesel Society to name a few,” shared Choi Millana, the founder of the initiative.


One Heart Davao was originally created to help Dabawenyos in need. With the help of donors and sponsors, mostly anonymous, the drive reached individuals and families in Luzon and Visayas. “A sponsor from the United States gave financial assistance to a family in Leyte to help them start a small sari-sari store. A mother of two in United Kingdon helped a family in Quezon City feed their children. I’m sure there are more untold stories of giving and receiving in this group and we are very proud of that,” according to Choi. He also shared the inspiring story of hope of Tatay Paulino in Davao City. Through the generous help of team members, they’re able to rebuild his home from scrap materials and gave him a small sari-sari store to jumpstart his new life, “We are hoping to tap on more groups in Davao City to help us sustain and spread this drive more aggressively.”

1594893195_img-19711595357045_body-2-1The team was amazed at how communities turned out and shared inspiring thoughts from one of their moderators. “When you choose to do an act of kindness for another, your compassion and generosity cause a chain reaction of hearts to light up, a domino effect of positive energy. We are proud of what we are doing.” Salig lang! Naa’y tabang muabot (Just trust! Help will come). #ChooseKindness

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