6 September Festivals in Visayas to Look Forward To

6 September Festivals in Visayas to Look Forward To

Belle Piccio | August 30, 2018

6 September Festivals in Visayas to Look Forward To

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | August 30, 2018

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1. Tinu-om Festival of Cabatuan, Iloilo (September 1-5)

The Tinu-om Festival is a celebration of the town’s history and its popular delicacy, tinu-om, a famed local soup. The main ingredient is native chicken with tomatoes, garlic, onions, ginger, and lemon grass, all wrapped in banana leaves.

The festival honors this dish by having special events like cooking demonstrations and a street-dancing competition.

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To know more about the festival, contact their Municipal Tourism Office at (033) 522-7861.

image by Tinuom Festival FB

2. Karatong Festival of Dulag, Leyte (September 7)

The Karatong Festival is a dance revelry that depicts the legend of the karatong, which is a bamboo device used in the 16th century to informing the townspeople of incoming Moro marauders.

The Tinuom Festival King and Queen Pageant/Coronation night was held last August 26, 2018.

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To know more about the festival, contact the Municipality of Dulag, Leyte’s Mayor Office at (053) 322-2045.

Karatong Festival file photo; image by DOT Eastern Visayas FB

3. Minuluan Festival of Talisay City, Negros Occidental (September 4-10)

The Minuluan Festival is a celebration in commemoration of the death anniversary of the city’s patron Saint, San Nicholas de Tolentino, as well as the city’s arts and culture week. Several events are prepared, such as the Adlaw sang Kabataan (Children’s Day), a cultural night, and a visual arts exhibit by local artists.

The main highlight of the festival is the Minuluan Street-Dancing competition which depicts the life of Talisay’s great heroes.

To know more about the festival, contact Talisay City’s Tourism Office at (034) 495-4966.

Minuluan Festival 2017; image by talisaycity.gov.ph

4. Padul-ong Festival of Borongan, Eastern Samar (September 7 or 8)

The Padul-ong Festival is a mythical presentation of how the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary was mysteriously transported to Borongan from Portugal in far-away Europe. The festival also highlights its connection to the Lady in White who used to frequent the Hamorawon Spring, blessing its water with the miraculous power to heal the locals.

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To know more about the festival, contact Borongan’s Tourism Office at (055) 560-9701 / (055) 560-9945.

Padul-ong Festival 2017; image by Go Borongan FB

5. Araw ng Siquijor & Solili Street-Dancing of Siquijor, Siquijor (September 9-17)

This is Siquijor’s charter day celebration. The Araw ng Siquijor is a weeklong celebration with trade fairs, cultural presentations, sports competitions, a search for Ms. Siquijor, and the Solili street-dancing, which depicts the marriage ritual of the people of Siquijor.

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To know more about the festival, contact the Siquijor’s Governor Office at (035) 344-2015.

Solili Festival via visitmyphilippines.com

6. Karansa Festival of Danao City, Cebu (September 16-18)

The Karansa is a dance expressing one's happiness. It's performed in 4 basic steps: the (1) kiay, (2) karag, (3) kurug, and (4) kurahay that jibes with the Karansa official beat. The festival is celebrated every town fiesta in honor of Santo Tomas de Villanueva with a showdown competition and street-dancing in vibrant costumes.

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To know more about the festival, contact the Danao City’s Mayor Office at (032) 200-4420 or (032) 200-3300.

Danao Karansa Festival; image by cebu.gov.ph

*Note: Dates of event highlights may subject to change without prior notice.

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