Community Quarantine Brings Out the Beauty of Metro Manila Views!

Community Quarantine Brings Out the Beauty of Metro Manila Views!

Gari Sy Rivera | March 31, 2020

Community Quarantine Brings Out the Beauty of Metro Manila Views!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | March 31, 2020

Known for its busy city life, overlooking views that could just take your breath away are usually seen from outside Metro Manila. Yet due to the quarantine brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, locals here have been seeing clearer skies, clearer waters, clearer views of the beauty that surrounds them like never before!

We can see the change in environment as polluted air continuously clears from the area, starting from the first few days of this region’s quarantine. Donald Manlapaz shares, the streets look similar to those in the 80s and 90s Manila.

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The quarantine-cleared view from Metro Manila includes areas from far away. This stunning view of the Sierra Madre mountains that stretch from northern Cagayan to southern Quezon province can currently be seen.

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Also seen in Quezon City, this beautiful, unfamiliar view shows the contrast of urbanized Manila and its roots of nature and rural life right behind it.

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Not only does Metro Manila get the new view of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, the sight of Rizal mountains, Zambales mountains, Mt. Arayat in Pampanga and Mt. Mariveles in Bataan has recently appeared as well in Mandaluyong City.

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All the way from Mariveles mountain in Bataan, Bles Yee-Defeo shares that they too can now see the Metro Manila skyline clearer than ever, far beyond Manila Bay.

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Just as these views have cleared, locals have seen the sight of Manila Bay's clearer waters as well. Known to be quite polluted for quite some time, it serves as a breath of fresh air to see resourceful areas such as this preserved and maintained to bring back its beauty.

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“Earth is healing!” Jory Gacho shares on his post of cleared Manila Bay, displaying the silver lining as the Philippines, and the world, continues to learn and do its best for a healthier tomorrow.

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