Let’s Be Real: Filipino Moms Have The Funniest Traits

Let’s Be Real: Filipino Moms Have The Funniest Traits

Gari Sy Rivera | May 08, 2020

Let’s Be Real: Filipino Moms Have The Funniest Traits

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | May 08, 2020

We all know how unique Filipinos can be, especially our moms! They have a special set of characteristics that seem universally programmed into their DNA and are totally hilarious but super effective in keeping the household together! Check this list of iconic situations that any kid who grew up with a Pinoy mom can totally relate to.

1. Lost something? Here’s what the mudra would tell you.

Gamitin ang mata kaysa bibig sa paghahanap! (Use your eyes and not your mouth when searching!)” We all tend to lose a few things here and there at home. Sometimes we're asked to get something for our moms. Whatever it may be, you would probably hear your mom yell this from the other room. They make a good point though. 

“Pag nakita ko talaga yan, makikita mo. (You better watch out if I find it.)” Moms beat us to it most times, finding what was missing before we do, proving once again that mothers know best as she points to the item with her nakanguso lips.

2. They’ll catch you when you fall.

The usual way to check up on someone if they fell or got a cut would be through an “Are you okay, are you hurt?” For stubborn kids who don’t listen to their Filipino moms and their warning of probable danger given beforehand, “’Yan, sige ulit pa subukan mo pa!” is what they should expect, a funny way of saying "That’s what you get" mixed with “Try me" in Filipino.

Filipino kids even have an ongoing joke about their mothers blaming their excessive use of electronic gadgets for headaches or unrelated discomfort. “Kakakompyuter mo yan!” "Kaka-cellphone mo yan!” Classic Pinoy mom wisdom right there.

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3. Still, they always got everything under control.

No matter what goes on with us though, we know our moms got us covered. May it be a cough or some colds, fevers, and more, Pinoy moms know just what to do to keep their kids safe. For some nanays, a smear of trusty  Vicks Vaporub can cure almost ANYTHING.

Even outside home, our moms sure know how to manage everything involving their kids, even as the little ones roam wild in open public space. All it really takes for a Pinoy mom to grab their kids’ attention is their magical “Psst!” Tried and tested, it works almost every time.

4. They might just be the most efficient kind of people there is.

Filipinos are wise and really resourceful, they try to save up as much as they can. But Filipino moms? They take it to the next level by making sure NOTHING. GOES. TO. WASTE. Take tissues and ketchup packets for instance. There are a few moms who take some home to refill or add up to the ketchup they already have! Though one thing’s for sure, almost every Filipino household has a stash of plastic bags to reuse and recycle, courtesy of our moms who passed this trait on to their kids.

Photo courtesy of CJ Pablo

But wait, there’s more to a nanay’s efficiency! Ever seen a freezer full of ice cream tubs in a Pinoy home? This is where Filipino moms show their environmentalist side by reusing plastic containers to keep fresh meat and the like in the fridge. We all know it to be true, we know fish is inside that Rocky Road tub yet we fall for it every time!

Photo courtesy of Cris Ibarra

It doesn’t stop there, we can talk about it but will never hear the end of a Filipino mom’s love for TUPPERWARE should you lose them.

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5. They have an answer to EVERYTHING.

Ma, kain tayo bago umuwi. “May kanin sa bahay.” (Mom let's eat before we get home. "There's rice at home.")

Ma, busog na 'ko ayoko na. “Maraming nagugutom diyan sa labas tapos di mo uubusin ‘yan?” (Mom, I'm full I can't finish it. "A lot of people are hungry outside and you can't finish your food?")

Ma, sorry late ako ng nakauwi. “Diyan ka na sa mga kaibigan mo, bakit ka pa umuwi? Dito ka pa ba nakatira?” (Mom, sorry I came home late. "Stay with your friends, why come home? Do you still live here?")

Filipino moms are the fiercest of the fierce sometimes, as they rightfully are. After all we put them through, we at least owe them the time to relax and chill as much as they can. So before you do something that would freak her out, think of a way to break it to her calmly or simply just don’t do anything to anger her at all. If not, you may get the old “Kayo ang papatay sakin. (You kids are gonna kill me.)” from her like this mom right here, discovering her son's new tattoo.

The things they say can be a lot sometimes, but really it’s all out of the love and worry they have over their kids. They never really meant it when they scared you off with an “Ibibigay kita sa guard pag ‘di ka makinig (I'm gonna leave you with the security guard if you don't behave.),” they just have a unique yet effective way of disciplining their kids, toughing them up for the real world.

6. Through it all, they’ll always make sure you’re loved, protected, and taken care of.

The greatest love of all can be found in Filipino moms. There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for their kids to make them safe and happy. They give the warmest of hugs and kisses growing up, and would probably give anything to spend all their time with their children in a heartbeat. Some moms might not be as emotionally expressive, but not all of us really are. Still, a mother’s love is undoubtingly the purest and most unconditional one and is expressed in various ways. So the next time she asks you, “Kumain ka na? (Have you eaten?)," answer back with an "I love you too!"

Photo from Facebook Group Subtle Asian Traits

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