OPM Quaran-tunes that Hit All the Nostalgic Feels!

OPM Quaran-tunes that Hit All the Nostalgic Feels!

Gari Sy Rivera | May 29, 2020

OPM Quaran-tunes that Hit All the Nostalgic Feels!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | May 29, 2020

Nostalgia has been hitting us up in recent times, especially while in community quarantine! Due to COVID-19 keeping us safe and somewhat isolated at home, a lot of us have been reminiscing our past experiences in life and joining reunions, even revisiting past hobbies and entertainment such as old movies and TV shows. To stir up your “ka-miss naman” feels, let these throwback OPM jams be the quaran-tunes of your nostalgic ride.

“Money For Food” by Barbie’s Cradle

A lot of us have been learning more about social issues and matters throughout the quarantine period, gaining different perspectives about what's currently happening in various areas of the country. To accompany these thoughts, play Barbie’s Cradle's year 2000 hit: 

“Esem” by Yano

Patingin-tingin, ‘di naman makabili. Patingin-tingin, ‘di makapanood ng sine. (Browsing around but you can’t afford anything. Browsing around because you can’t afford the cinema.)” Esem perfectly sums up the anxious quarantine life that many have been having. “Nakakainip ang ganitong buhay, nakakabaliw ang ganitong buhay. (This life makes you bored and crazy.)” To ease your mind and mood, the 90’s track and its iconic guitar riffs should chill you out and help you feel less alone.

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“Bilango” by Rizal Underground

Feeling trapped in isolation has been common among us in recent times as well. Rizal Underground fleshes that feeling out in the 1995 nostalgic hit, jamming out the frustration of confinement and losing patience in the process. The heart and vibe of this song definitely fit today’s circumstances for many.

“Picha Pie” by Parokya ni Edgar

Along with the melody of American singer Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, Picha Pie is the song that many of us can relate to as well up until today, spending our time at home eating the quarantine away! While our quarantine snacks and dishes leave our stomachs happy and full, the Parokya song and its lyrics surely leave a smile on our faces without a doubt.

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“Suntok Sa Buwan” by Session Road

This 2004 release was an anthem for many during its time, hitting all the right feels up until today! The Session Road track is perfect for those who are longing to be with their special someone amidst the quarantine impossibilities. Social distancing may be causing physical separation, but you’ll surely feel less blue as you rock out to this song once again.

“Jopay” by Mayonnaise

An iconic hit, this is an ultimate OPM rock classic that’s been loved by many since its release in 2004. The track might just be the most accurate one to express what quarantine life has been like: asking how people are and what they’ve been up to, having no one to talk to and longing to hang out with everyone, and exploring all the many opportunities of life once all the challenges of COVID-19 blows over. Like the song’s theme, the quarantine circumstances have been keeping many hopeful. 

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“Tulog Na” by Sugarfree

Another gem from 2004, Sugarfree keeps hope alive with its lullaby-like rock track. A song that could comfort those who have been finding it hard to peacefully fall asleep at night with the worries of the world, Tulog Na reminds you to leave them all behind through its consoling message.

“With A Smile” by Eraserheads

What’s an OPM playlist of nostalgic, classic songs without an Eraserheads track? A timeless anthem loved among different generations, the inspirational song never fails to fan the flames of faith and hope within us. From its simple “Do-do-do-doo,” to “Lift your head, baby, don't be scared,” truly, we’re reminded that we’ll get a by with a smile.

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“Rainbow” by South Border

Nothing hits nostalgia like RnB, especially when it’s the iconic South Border bop that touches the heart, soul, and emotions of many Filipinos. The early 2000s release may serve as a bonus track in this list of mostly classic Pinoy rock favorites. It’s a throwback we will all admittingly love forever, especially for its acoustic groove accompanying its message to take a little time out in our busy lives to rest and appreciate life itself amidst challenges, that “There’s a rainbow always after the rain.”

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