How are Pinoy Pups on Home Quarantine Holding Up?

How are Pinoy Pups on Home Quarantine Holding Up?

Gari Sy Rivera | April 02, 2020

How are Pinoy Pups on Home Quarantine Holding Up?

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | April 02, 2020

Filipinos love dogs. They’ve always given us love, kept us company, and expressed excitement as we return back home. Check these Pinoy pups out and how they’ve been doing during the quarantine. Having to quarantine at home during the COVID-19 outbreak may get us down and feeling lonely. But sticking it out with us are little balls of sunshine- our doggos!

Happy that his family has been, and will continually home for days, baby boy Kylo expresses his joy as finally gets to play hide-and-seek with his kid owners at home! Furry and tiny, we now understand what gigil truly means!

Photo courtesy of Joaquin De Dios

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Little pomeranian-chihuahua mixed Chestnut is all cooped up indoors, still, he says “safety first, humans!” Showing the right practices of keeping any viruses away. Good job, girl!

Photo courtesy of Djared Cruz

Spy, short for Spiderman, on the other hand, is missing his walks outside under the hot sun. We feel you, Spy! You’ll get that fresh, open air run outside again soon.

Photo courtesy of Neli Saladaga

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This Boston Terrier knows how it feels. Like us, Porkchop resorts to watching his favorite Netflix films during this quarantine! Extremely relatable, extremely cute. Send your film recos to Porkchop over here!

Photo courtesy of Ara Caralde

Speaking of relatable, pups have been riding the Tiktok hype too! Check little Sophie and her pup-tastic dance out. Somebody create a Tiktok compilation of purely pups- now na!

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Although there are some of us whose work must continue during the quarantine, this young dalmatian named Pluto won’t let that get in the way of getting some love! It seems as though he wants to learn the work-from-home ropes too.

Photo courtesy of Precious Naz

Maybe its boredom or maybe that’s just the way he is, but Pluto knows how to quarantine in style as well.

Photo courtesy of Precious Naz

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Glamming them up, fur-parents sure know how to liven the quarantine with their fur-babies! Photogenic Moochi over here seems to agree, getting his beautiful shots at their make-shift home studio.

Not all dogs prefer the active quarantine lifestyle, though. Showing that dogs can take their time to chill too, Jessie beats the summer heat with his own mini electric fan! Cone of shame? Not for Jessie, “sorry not sorry!”

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Knocked out and getting her beauty rest in the funniest look, Jamie the chihuahua gets it. Shoutout to those who’ve been sleeping throughout this quarantine, it’s time to get up and get productive at home!

No matter the amount of stress and challenges there are during this season, dog owners like Riley the pom’s family have shared that just seeing or being with their fur-babies always erases all their worries away.

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Likewise, these Pinoy pups couldn’t ask for anything more than the company and love of their fur-ever homes. Sulu, Patch and Speedy prove that right here, all cuddled up with their mom.

Photo courtesy of Ela Robles

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