Need A Dose Of Filipino Folklore? Here's An Immersive Experience For You!

Need A Dose Of Filipino Folklore? Here's An Immersive Experience For You!

Kier Neil Francisco | August 22, 2019

Need A Dose Of Filipino Folklore? Here's An Immersive Experience For You!

Kier Neil Francisco
Kier Neil Francisco | August 22, 2019

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"Now, gather around as your “lola” begins her story 

and sit close to one another as the room turns cold.  

Listen carefully as your dreams become reality 

cause no one knows what mystery the night will unfold."


With the rising number of attractions that focuses on immersive experiences in the Philippines, a unique and authentic adventure arises.  Welcome to the world of Lambana, a world that centers in the Philippines' folklores and fairytales. Here, they bring not only your wildest dreams and fantasies to life, but your nightmares as well. Be careful where you tread because in Lambana, everything is not as it seems. 

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The first in the Philippines, Tipsy Tales brings you a highly immersive, whimsical encounter that gives your five senses an adventure of a lifetime. This includes the amazing room designs that you interact with to trigger the next scene, the astounding sound effects that give you a dream-like vibe, and the characters that you can connect with for the story to unfold (a word of warning: be wary of who to trust!).  

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The story begins with a dark stormy night: you and your “cousins” decided to visit your “lola” at her house. As the night deepens, an unexpected adventure arrives and well, the rest is up to you. Lambana will surely make you come back... literally. 

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One of Lambana's distinctiveness, according to creators Quina Baterna and Wayne Yeang, is that every experience is a different one. Your adventure changes depending on your decisions, where every decision has its own set of consequences. You would not experience the same “run” twice because each show is designed to change every time. All the shows are carefully planned: the remarkable actors memorize your names and act according to script and on how you interact with them. Quina says it’s 50% scripted and 50% improvised, so the more you participate, the more the story gets interesting.  

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Unlike other immersive experience attractions, this one is not geared with jump scares and horror. Lambana wants to give its audience a feeling of child-like excitement and not fear. This hour-long show is not only entertaining but also educating as the organizers want to share Philippines' rich folklore to the people, tourists, and locals alike.  

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With an intimate group of 15 people per time slot, you will have tons of mysterious, magical fun with family, friends, and even strangers. In today's society which revolves around the internet, Quina says she wants people to experience life – before the internet and cellphone screens – through Lambana.   

For more details, visit Lambana's website and Facebook page.

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