10 Pinoy Originals Streaming on iWant for your Stay at Home Siesta Moments!

10 Pinoy Originals Streaming on iWant for your Stay at Home Siesta Moments!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | May 13, 2020

10 Pinoy Originals Streaming on iWant for your Stay at Home Siesta Moments!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay
Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | May 13, 2020

During the COVID-19 community quarantine, many people are staying at home in an attempt to flatten the curve and shield themselves from acquiring the coronavirus. To pass the time at home better, ABS-CBN’s streaming service iWant has a slew of Pinoy original shows that will make your siesta stay at home moments more fun, educational, and inspiring.

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Jet and The Pet Rangers (Genre: Fantasy, Kids)

Follow the adventures of Jet and his team of house pets as they use their extraordinary powers to rescue troubled animals in a provincial town named Baryo Mahayop.

Tawa Tawa Together Kids (Genre: Entertainment)

This quarantine season, we will give you laughter for free with this online gag show! Let the kids take charge on the fun this time!

Ampalaya Chronicles (Genre: Romance, Comedy)

“Adik”, tells the story of a boy with a secret crush on the campus cute girl who does not even know he exists – until she realizes that he can help her out to achieve a big dream.

My Single Lady (Genre: Romance, Comedy)

When a fire destroys their entire apartment, single mom Chona and her 7-year-old son Red journey through the world of drag, makeup, and politics to discover what a family truly means.

Stand Up For Laughs (Genre: Comedy)

Alex Calleja and a variety of hilarious Pinoy comedians perform the funniest, quirkiness, and most relatable monologues about the Overseas Filipino (OF).

Wreck Hunters (Genre: Documentary)

Take virtual traveling to a whole new level and join Ernie Lopez and Wowie Wong as they pack their gears and take along their diving experience to bring you closer to our country’s amazing wrecks.

The Last Manilaners (Genre: People)

When the world staged a dangerous game, we defied the odds when we made our move. A move that changed thousands of lives and now three living testimonies live to tell the tale.

The Tapes (Genre: Drama, Mystery, Crime)

In the year 1999, two regular cops become entangled in a world of mystery, supernatural, and the occult brought by mysterious tapes.

Fluid (Genre: Romance, Comedy)

Fed up with being brokenhearted, Mitch is encouraged by her more liberal friends to embark on a journey towards being “fluid” in terms of love, sex, and relationships.

Sunday Night Fever (Genre: Romance, Thriller, Sexy)

A lonely man and a kept woman become entangled in an illicit affair because of their uncontrollable urge for love-making and voyeurism.

In order to watch these offerings, simply download the iWant app and register for free. iWant will also introduce more new, original titles that will exclusively stream on the platform. The extensive library of regularly updated content also includes ABS-CBN shows, films, restored movie classics and fast cut versions of your favorite Kapamilya teleseryes.

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