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Filipino Designers and Entrepreneurs Go Global With this Digital Platform!

Lory Joyce Andagan | July 01, 2020

Filipino Designers and Entrepreneurs Go Global With this Digital Platform!

Lory Joyce Andagan
Lory Joyce Andagan | July 01, 2020

The Philippines has many fashion products that we can offer the world. Sadly, these do not enjoy the exposure they deserve on a global scale. Thus, a group of innovators came up with an idea of creating an online platform to help entrepreneurs and designers to position and sell their products to a worldwide market.

For the love of fashion and entrepreneurship, B.zaar Collective was born. A curated catch-all website for local entrepreneurs for their brands created by Monica Recto, Gabie Tanjutco, Trisha Lim, and later joined by Joshua Tan Co, B.zaar Collective is a platform built for the un-tech savvy creative or digital native that wishes to go global. “We believe that world-class quality deserves a world-class platform. So, we asked ourselves: 'How could we not want to showcase the Filipino artistry and talent to the world? What were the barriers and challenges designers and entrepreneurs face to making this a reality,'” relates Monica Recto.

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B.zaar Collective is built simply not to sell to its customers, but to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and designers as well. Through this platform, many artisanal and local brands are encouraged to make more fashion products to sell globally. The project aims to empower and enable homegrown entrepreneurs and artisanal brands from various countries in one global marketplace to reach upscale markets through integrated digital solutions.

Actualizing their vision was beset with challenges that these designers and entrepreneurs had to overcome. The first one was the digital migration and management. The second one was the high cost of international shipping. The last one was the ability to present it together in a way that elevated the experience. “We integrate logistics, facilitate payment portals, provide marketing solutions such as product photography and paid ads, a dashboard for sales analytics, and inventory management,” shares Monica.

Since they also wanted the non-local online shopper to find beautiful creations and brands through this platform, they also initiated worldwide shipping solutions to reach a globally diverse set of audiences, building towards a community with the same values and aspirations.

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From planning since 2019, B.zaar Collective has now opened to its digital doors last June 21, 2020, featuring the brands of Rosanna Ocampo, Linea Etnika, JIM Weaver Designs, Dani Osmeña, and Strut. They want to encourage more brands to join the project to help them build their names in the fashion industry and to support local designers bringing it to a larger scale which is global. Visit their website for more details.

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