Alabayano artistry reflected in Tiwi pots and production

These Ceramic Pots from Tiwi, Albay are the Next Plantito and Plantita Must Haves!

Choose Philippines | July 03, 2020

These Ceramic Pots from Tiwi, Albay are the Next Plantito and Plantita Must Haves!

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | July 03, 2020

Story by Jose Carretero

Photos by Franco Adille

Listen up Plantitos and Plantitas! Your potted plant game is just about to get elevated to the next level. Grab one (or more) of these proudly Filipino made ceramic pots to house your plant babies!


Tiwi’s ceramics have bewitched not just the local market but the international one as well. The town of Tiwi is the sole producer of ceramic products since it is blessed with the special kind of mud that makes the perfect ceramics. The ceramics are not just beautiful but also durable. Each piece is cooked in a kiln using liquified petroleum gas or LGP making the products hardwearing. This is the reason why it is among the top choices of the locals as pots for their plants.

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Not even the pandemic brought by the dreaded coronavirus disease or COVID-19 could stop the luster of these artistically made products. In fact, it seems that it is the pandemic that has made them shine even more as the market demand escalated for these beautifully crafted pots! Rondio Condat the president of Ceramics Manufacturer’s Association Incorporated attributed the spike in the demand for Tiwi’s ceramic pots to the renewed interest in gardening as many ventured in planting ornamental plants due to the community quarantine.


For the pottery makers, the increase in the demand for their products is a blessing. They stopped production for almost three months, ever since Albay was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) due to the coronavirus. The demand for pots started growing again after the community quarantine was relaxed in the province. Allan Alalid, one of the ceramic makers in Tiwi, said, they need to double their efforts to meet the huge demand for pots.

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Most of the pot makers are filled with a deluge of orders raging from the simple post to decorative ones. Buyers come from as far as Camarines Sur and Sorsogon. Walk-in clients will be lucky enough if they could still avail of their desired design of pots. Most of them went home a bit frustrated for not getting the pot they want as there were no available stocks. It is best to reserve your coveted pieces as one order would take at least two weeks before delivery.

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